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About Fluidmaster

Fluidmaster was founded in 1957, by pioneering engineer, inventor, and philanthropist, Mr. Schoepe, to focus on the innovation and provision of high-quality toilet solutions.

Today, our leading portfolio includes products for toilet specification, installation, repair, maintenance, and water management sectors. We offer a full range of toilet and urinal installation options for every kind of bathroom and washroom requirement.

Our products are known for quality, longevity, affordability and ease of installation. Combining the latest in toilet water-management technology, superior engineering, exceptional efficiency, and world-class reliability, all of our products comply with relevant UK standards and water regulations.

The Fluidmaster brand now exports to over 90 countries and markets more than 100 million toilet repair products annually and is still family owned and run! Fluidmaster is headquartered in California, with manufacturing facilities and offices across the world including our UK HQ in Hereford.

The recognisable Fluidmaster logo was originally sketched by our founder Mr. Schoepe in 1957. The heart represents the ‘stop and go’ function of the very first Fluidmaster toilet cistern valve he designed. It remains our logo to this day, to remind us that water continues to be at the heart of everything we do across the Fluidmaster family of brands.

Our products are manufactured using a combination of outstanding engineering, thought-leading originality, exceptional efficiency, and world-class reliability. Continual investment in our design and manufacturing divisions has expanded collaboration across our global sites, ensuring that we can focus on the ongoing development of our water saving and sustainable technology portfolio.

Using Fluidmaster products, it is simple to make sure that water works for you.


Declarations of Performance

For all products covered by the Construction Products Regulation, a DoP (Declaration of Performance)  should be established in addition to a UKCA marking.

T-Series Declaration of Performance

Concealed Cisterns Declaration of Performance – 14055-01

Exposed Cisterns Declaration of Performance – 14055-02


Modern Slavery Act 2015

At Fluidmaster, we take the approach that we will not accept slavery or human trafficking and will work with suppliers and colleagues to take positive steps to ensure that slavery has no place in our business or supply chain.