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As part of an integrated bathroom and washroom solution, Fluidmaster works across a broad range of industry sectors, fulfilling specifications across commercial washrooms, private sector new developments, healthcare, education, and renovation projects.

We support projects from concept to completion and beyond for maintenance requirements.

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Slim Solutions For Shallow Voids

The T02-2113-0240

Shallow Installation Depth – Only 85mm in thickness, great for walls with pre-existing pipes/infrastructure.

400kg Static Load – Tested to the highest standards, this frame will handle large weights with ease.

Extensive Flush Plate Range – Fluidmaster quality in a number of styles and finishes. View the range here.

Water Saving Cistern – Adjustable water volumes for both full (4 -7 L) and partial (2-3 L) flushing, preventing water wastage.

Fully Insulated – To prevent condensation and ensure long-lasting performance.

Adjustable Height – The feet can be lowered or raised offering heights of 1025 – 1315 mm

Best Choice For: Bathrooms with limited space desiring a sleek finish.

Shallow Installation Depth
Adjustable Height
400kg Static Load
Extensive Flush Plate Range
Water Saving Cistern
Fully Insulated
  1. Shallow Installation Depth
  2. Adjustable Height
  3. 400kg Static Load
  4. Extensive Flush Plate Range
  5. Water Saving Cistern
  6. Fully Insulated

A Guide to the Specification of Urinals & Toilets

Register for our Free CPD

This CPD, brought to you by Fluidmaster, aims to broaden your understanding of the impact that correct specification, and the choice of more efficient water management systems, can have on your next project and covers:

  • Sustainable water management
  • Understanding current legislation, standards, and guidelines
  • Public health and regulations
  • Project specific considerations
  • As well as the operation and specification of urinals and toilets

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A Guide to the Specification of Urinals & Toilets