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AirGap 6000 Cistern Fill Valve Offers Huge Savings at Council HQ

Water monitoring reveals impressive reductions

Client: Nottingham City Council

Location: Head Quarters Building

Fluidmaster’s water-saving AirGap™ 6000 cistern fill-valve was installed in the men’s washroom at Nottingham City Council’s head-quarters. Monitoring revealed that the units were responsible for making substantial water savings, when installed across three WCs at the premises. Here’s the full story…

The water-saving AirGap™ 6000 toilet cistern fill valve has been designed to offer savings of circa one litre per flush. In a busy office environment, like Nottingham City Council’s HQ, this meant that potential savings were huge. With help from independent water monitoring consultancy H2OiQ using their Realtime Smart Water Monitoring equipment, we were about to find out exactly how much water was going to be saved.

The Realtime Smart Water Monitoring equipment was installed in the gent’s washroom at the council premises; where the fill-valve arrangement already in place consisted of three WCs with existing standard ball valves fitted. H2OiQ proceeded to collect water usage data and patterns including WC fill flow rates and daily total usage. This data was collected over several months to achieve an accurate account of the water usage at the premises.

After the initial data had been collected, the three ball valves were removed and then replaced with three of our Fluidmaster AirGap™ 6000 water-saving cistern fill valves. H2OiQ continued to stringently monitor the water usage, collecting data in exactly the same way and observing any water savings and improvements to performance and efficiency.

When the trial was complete, the results were revealed. Initially, when the gent’s washroom WCs were fitted with standard ball valves, each WC was using around 9.50 litres per flush. When the same WCs were fitted with our AirGap™ 6000 water-saving fill valves, usage for each WC decreased to around 6.60 litres per flush. The pilot study showed a substantial saving of at least 2.90 litres per flush, with no negative impact on the flush. This equates to a huge water saving of 31% per flush compared to the standard ball valve. Importantly, a modelled saving of nearly £250 per annum was illustrated, and a CO2 reduction of 110 kgs across the three WCs.

Modelled savings in the ladies’ washroom WCs at the same premises would equate to almost £1,000 per annum with CO2 reduction of 440 kgs across three WCs, due to higher usage.

Nottingham City Council’s Water Projects Officer said: “Since the installation of this exciting product the AirGap™ 6000, I have been actively monitoring the water consumption levels, the early indications are that between two and three litres have been saved per flush. This product ticks a lot of the boxes in that it saves water, carbon and ultimately will lead to cheaper water bills.”

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