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This Cookie Policy covers the use of cookies by the www.fluidmasteruk.com website.  For the Website’s Privacy Policy you can click here .

Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make the User’s experience more efficient and are sent to the User’s browser, where they are stored and then transmitted back to the same website the next time the User visits it. Cookies have different functions.

The purpose of Cookies is to improve the functionality and navigation of this Website. In other cases, Cookies are used to track users while they are browsing, to record information about what the User buys or may want to buy, to personalise the advertising shown to them when they open emails or browse social networks, and to personalise content, provide social media features and analyse traffic.

In his or her browser, the user can set privacy preferences so as not to store cookies, delete them after each visit or each time he or she closes the browser, or even accept only the cookies of www.fluidmasteruk.com and not those of third parties.

Cookies are used to collect information including:

IP address

Device ID

Pages displayed

Browser type

Navigation information

Operating system

Internet Service Provider

Date and time

If the user comes from an advertisement

The URL from which the User originates

Functionality used or activity performed by the User on the site

Cookies also allow the user to be recognised as a unique user when visiting different pages of a site, different sites



Technical Cookies

Technical Cookies are those whose use does not require the User’s consent. Technical Cookies are used for the sole purpose of making it possible for the User to navigate on the Website and to use its functionalities. They are always first-party Cookies, as they are directly conveyed by the Controller on the Website.

Browsing cookies are normally:

Session cookies and are therefore automatically deactivated once the browser is closed.

Functionality cookies that are useful for allowing certain User preferences to be stored without having to be reset on subsequent visits. More specifically, these cookies allow the site to work properly, so that the User can create an account, log in and manage functionality on the website. They remember the currency and language that the User has set, past searches and other preferences

Persistent cookies, which are functionality cookies that remain stored on the User’s computer even after the browser is closed, until the expiry date set for them or until the User decides to delete them.


Cookies may also be:


Proprietary Cookies

Proprietary cookies are managed by the domain owner.


Third-Party Cookies

Third-Party Cookies are cookies present in the domain of the Controller but owned by partners authorized by the Controller.


Taking their purpose into consideration, cookies are divided into:


Statistical cookies

This site uses statistical cookies to perform a conversion tracking service to collect information, in aggregate form, on Users and how they visit this Website. More specifically, these cookies:

– help understand how visitors and customers use the website

– allow you to understand what works and what does not work on the site

– help to understand the effectiveness of advertisements and communications

– make it clear how users interact with the site as a result of viewing online advertisements, including advertisements on third-party sites.

The data obtained through these cookies include the web pages visited, the exit and entry pages, the type of platform, how the User interacts with the site, the words searched for, and the texts entered in the various fields. It is possible to prevent the installation of cookies by the Data Controller’s website at any time by means of a corresponding setting in the browser used and thus permanently oppose the setting of cookies.


Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are used to create a profile of the User, based on the preferences and tastes expressed when browsing the Internet, and to display advertising messages that are consistent with his profile. In this way, the advertisements that the User displays on this Website may be more interesting to him/her.

More specifically, these cookies:

– place the user in a certain interest profile, e.g, on the basis of sites they visit and clicks. These profiles are used to show personalized content

– display personalized interest-based advertising. This practice is ‘Retargeting’ and is based on your browsing activities, purchasing habits or other online activities

– integrate social media into the site. This allows the User to like or share content or products on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. The ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons work by using code snippets from individual social media providers, allowing cookies to be deposited on the User’s device.

These cookies may be purely functional, but they may also be used to keep track of which sites the User visits to build a browsing profile and to display personalised advertisements. As required by applicable law, prior consent is required for the installation of such cookies.


Deleting or deactivating cookies

With the exception of the technical Cookies strictly necessary for normal browsing, the provision of Data is left to the will of the User who decides to browse the site after having read the brief information contained in the specific banner and to use the third-party services that involve the installation of Cookies. The User can therefore avoid the installation of Cookies by keeping the banner or through the appropriate functions available on their browser or in this policy. The User can manage their cookie preferences directly within their browser and prevent third parties from installing cookies.

It is important for the User to be aware that by disabling all cookies, the operation of this Site may be impaired.

Each browser has different procedures for managing settings.

The user can obtain specific instructions via the links below.
Delete/deactivate Android cookies at the following address:

Delete/deactivate Mozilla Firefox cookies at the following address:

Delete/deactivate cookies with Explorer at the following address:
Delete/deactivate cookies with Chrome at the following address

Delete/deactivate cookies with Safari at the following address :
Delete/deactivate cookies with Opera at the following address
Delete/deactivate iOS cookies at the following address:


To disable third-party cookies you can also use Your Online Choices, https://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/your-ad-choices a web service run by the non-profit European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) that provides information on behavioural advertising based on profiling cookies and allows users to easily oppose (opt-out) their installation. By deleting all Cookies from your browser or removing them through services such as Your Online Choices these, if third-party, will be inhibited generally, not just within the perimeter of this site.


Further information on treatment

At the User’s request, in addition to the information contained in this Cookie Policy, this Website may provide additional and contextual information regarding specific services or the collection and processing of Personal Data.
For operation and maintenance purposes, this Website and any third-party services used by it may collect System Logs, i.e, files that record interactions and that may also contain Personal Data. Further information in relation to the processing of Personal Data may be requested at any time from the Data Controller using the contact information.


Data Controller

The Data Controller of the Data collected by this Website is Fluidmaster GB Ltd.

Twyford Rd, Hereford HR2 6JR, email: salesuk@fluidmaster.com or dpr@fluidmaster.com

Cookie Policy updated September 2023