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Premium Quality Toilet Installation & Water Management Solutions

Superior quality coupled with ongoing innovation sets the Fluidmaster family of brands apart. Whether you are working on a large commercial washroom refurbishment or a residential housing upgrade, you will find Fluidmaster products quick and simple to install.

Compatible with all kinds of toilet and water management systems, Fluidmaster products are first choice for professional installers and preferred owing to durability, affordability, and efficiency.

Products for Professionals

Fluidmaster Product Range

Browse the complete Fluidmaster portfolio of water management and toilet installation solutions

Fit and Forget Reliability

Fluidmaster products are tailored with reliability in mind. Easy to install, easy to maintain.


Have you upgraded your collection?

Same features, designed for the future.

The Fluidmaster 400 series is preferred by professional plumbers due to its easy installation, height adjustability and durability.

If you’re looking to upgrade to next generation technology, our Airgap 6000 offers the same core features, while offering:

  • Absolute compliance of all standards and regulations e.g. BS1212-4
  • Compatibility with all requirements of AUK1
  • Conforms to a type AG Air Gap
Height Adjustable
Removable Body For Maintenance
  1. Height Adjustable
  2. Removable Body For Maintenance

Adjusting and Servicing the Airgap 6000

Connections Made Easy - Fluidmaster Click-Seal

No tools required for click-seal end. Hand tighten.

Suitable for WC and tap connections. Durable brass thread. Click-seal flexible hose connector with isolating valve. Easy to install, no tools required for click-seal end. Hand tighten.

  • Bore: 10mm
  • Patented Click-Seal Nut
  • Prevents Over-Tightening
  • Guaranteed No Leaks
  • Durable Brass Thread for Secure Connections
  • 1/2″ BSP x 15mm Compression

Need advice? Our support page offers a comprehensive FAQ covering common toilet troubles. Can't find your answer? Our customer service team are here to help.

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