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SKU: 6420-D-001

Airgap 6000 Water Saving Bottom Entry Fill Valve – 1/2″ Brass Shank

Adjustable bottom entry fill valve. The delayed fill action saves up to 1Ltr of water per flush.
The Fluidmaster Airgap 6000 is our revolutionary, next generation toilet cistern fill valve. This model features a water saving delay-fill. Easy service and no tools required.
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The Fluidmaster Airgap 6000 fits virtually all cisterns and is easy to install and service. Adjustment is quick and easy by simply sliding the valve to the desired height, then fine tuning with the adjustment screw, no tools required. This Ecofill version uses a delayed fill action to save up to 1 litre of water with every flush.

  • Adjustable height
  • Brass shank prevents cross threading
  • Water saving fill valve – save up to 1 litre with every flush
  • Fits virtually all cisterns
  • Spiral vortex generator for quiet cistern refill
  • Airgap technology – prevents back siphonage and the need for an additional check valve.
  • BREEAM approved
  • Fully recyclable


Acetal Plastic Body
Adjustable water volumes


264 mm
100 mm
55 mm

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Warranties and Certification

KUKReg4, BS 1212-4
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