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Whether it is your first time replacing a flush valve or you are a seasoned DIYer upgrading to a more water efficient cistern arrangement, all Fluidmaster products have been designed for quick and simple fitting.

Our focus on water saving options ensures it’s easy to keep your water use under control at home. And, all our products come with industry leading guarantees and comprehensive installation instructions to make the job easier.

If you want a little extra information, check out our YouTube channel for a selection of installation videos.

Toilet Solutions for Home Installation

Fix it with Fluidmaster

Water saving products from Fluidmaster can contribute towards cutting your domestic water consumption and help you to save money on your metered water bill.


For a more sustainable future, fix it with Fluidmaster.

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Small Changes Bring Big Results

Making the switch to water saving products in your toilet cistern can greatly reduce consumption, great for the environment and your bills!

So what can change?

Flush Valve – Does your toilet currently have dual-flush functionality (the ability to perform a partial and full flush, often used with a button with two halves/two mechanisms)? Having this type of valve can save up to 2/3 of water used compared to single flush toilets.

See more information on the Fluidmaster Dual-Flush Cable Valve

Fill Valve – Installing a water saving fill valve can save you up to 1 litre of water with every flush! The delayed function means that the cistern won’t start filling until the flush has completed. In a domestic setting, this delay is minimal and doesn’t affect the effectiveness of your toilet.

See more information on our water saving Airgap 6000 Fill Valve

Let The Products Do The Work

Click Seal Connectors Prevent Over-Tightening

If you’re feeling apprehensive about disconnecting the water supply during repairs, the Fluidmaster Click Seal flexible hose is guaranteed to prevent leaks. Suitable for toilets AND taps, the Click Seal end offers a tool free installation. Additionally, the product will give an audible “click” when the optimum seal is achieved and cannot be over tightened, so you can be sure of a secure connection. With no tool installation, this is great for tight, fiddly spaces!


Audible "Click" Connection
Suitable for Toilets and Taps
  1. Audible "Click" Connection
  2. Suitable for Toilets and Taps