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Why Choose a Wall Hung WC?

When it comes to toilets, there are many reasons to opt for wall hung. Here are our top five!

1.Modern & Minimal  

Wall hung WCs are a key design feature of a contemporary bathroom or washroom. With the toilet cistern concealed in the wall or within a purpose-built unit, just the pan itself and the flush activation plate are visible, meaning that the overall aesthetic is clean and clutter free. The growing popularity of wall hung toilets has ensured that there are many options available for installation. When selecting the toilet pan, choices are plentiful; sleek and stylish to curved and compact.  

Opting for a high-quality WC mounting frame will ensure that your toilet pan is safely and securely attached to the wall. Ensure you choose a frame which will make light work of installation and maintenance. And Check that your WC is compatible with the frame which you select.  

A flush activation plate which coordinates with your brassware and bathroom accessories, offers the perfect finishing touch for your WC and is an ideal way to make your bathroom feel more luxurious.  

2. Free-Up Floor Space 

When it comes to practicality, choosing a wall-hung WC has many benefits. The lack of base creates more foot room and frees up floor space, this is ideal for smaller bathrooms, ensuites or in cloakrooms. It is also possible to order a compact-sized toilet pan which helps to make the room feel more spacious.  

And of course, a wall-hung WC is ideal when it comes to cleaning. Naturally, there are fewer crevices and corners for dust or dirt to accumulate. Wiping or mopping under the toilet pan is quick and simple and can be done with less bending. 

3. Increased Design and Layout Options 

Opting for a wall-hung WC increases the design and layout choices for your bathroom.  

Depending on the build of your property there are systems available for installation into both dry and wet construction scenarios.  

Dry installation involves a self-supporting toilet installation solution in the form of a stainless-steel frame with accompanying cistern to provide secure installation behind the wall, in light wall metal studs, or in front of the wall with a dry board finish. 

For smaller spaces look out for slim or narrow mounting frames, which can fit into much tighter spaces. Notably, the Fluidmaster T-Series offers the T07 narrow 350mm frame with concealed cistern which is designed for universal application and will fit installations with minimal space. 

A wet installation means that the cistern is fixed to the wall using brackets and screws, and then covered with plasterboard and often tiles. Built-in WC elements for wet construction are ideal for pre-wall installation or installation on a solid wall when using the wall hanging toilet bowl.  

Both installation methods are suitable for new constructions as well as renovations, and these products are available to accommodate different installation depths and widths making them compatible with most bathrooms, washrooms, cloakrooms or ensuites.  

4. Easy, Flexible & Reliable Installation  

With a contemporary appearance, perfect for modern properties and renovations, wall-hung WCs can be as sturdy as they are stylish.  

When choosing a mounting solution, look out for a product range which combines quality and functionality, like the T-Series of frames which has a self-bearing steel construction and supports a static load of 400KG. The T-Series range is also WRAS certified and comes with a 10-year warranty as standard; perfect for peace of mind.  

For maximum impact and minimum effort, Fluidmaster’s All-in-One wall hung WC kit contains everything required for a modern installation including pan, soft close toilet seat and all fixtures and water connections.  

And to replicate the wall-hung aesthetic with other pieces of sanitaryware, additional frames are also available to support wash basins, bidets, and urinals.  

Whilst maintaining the working parts of a wall-hung WC requires minimal effort; consider opting for a frame which ensures that flush and fill valves can usually be accessed through the flush activation plate. This will ensure it is quick and easy to provide routine servicing and maintenance when needed.  

5. Ideal for Adaptability 

For users who are disabled or have specific access requirements, a wall-hung WC with concealed cistern is the ideal choice. Boasting superior versatility, many mounting frames offer height adjustment options so the toilet pan can be installed lower or higher than usual.  

Look out for products which are flexible enough to cater to your specification requirements and offer adjustable depth and height options.   

The valuable floor space underneath the toilet can oftentimes make wheelchair access easier. Coupled with the concealment of the cistern within the wall, a wall-mounted WC offers a larger area for maneuverability, usually increasing space in front of the toilet by up to 30cms or sometimes more.  

If you are keen to find out more about our range of products for the installation of wall hung WCs, basins, bidets, and urinals visit: In-Wall Cisterns & Frames