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Selecting Concealed Cisterns & Frames

Wall Mounting WCs, Basins, Bidets and Urinals

A stylish, contemporary wall-hung toilet is one of the most desirable centre pieces of a modern bathroom or washroom. Elegant, attractive, and simple to clean, it’s easy to see why the wall-hung WC has reach peak popularity. To facilitate the installation of a wall-hung WC, a mounting frame, concealed cistern with appropriate valve technology and a flush plate are necessary requirements. If you need help selecting the right frame and cistern combo for your project, here are some top tips…

Wall Hung Toilet Solutions

A concealed toilet system offers the possibility to solve WC installation in a simple, modern, and effective way and importantly, according to the requirements of the site you’re working on. New build or renovation – public or private – the right frame and cistern offers the option to create a sleek, minimalist toilet installation. The concealed cistern and mounting frame of a wall-hung WC can be incorporated into the design of the bathroom or washroom and hidden behind a tiled-wall, painted wall, purpose-built unit, or panel arrangement.

A concealed toilet system is also the ideal choice for bathroom or washroom projects with a large number of toilets, owing to quick and simple installation and low maintenance requirements.

Features of a concealed toilet solution include:

• Economical flushing

• Quieter flushing

• Contemporary styling

• Aesthetically compatible with modern, minimal sanitaryware

• Ideal for accessible bathrooms and washrooms

• Can be paired with a flush plate of choice to suit styling choices

• Touchless flush plates are available for high use washrooms / public conveniences

• Easier to clean

Fluidmaster products have a 10-year warranty (except for rubber parts and electronics) and 25 years availability of spare parts.

Solutions Ideal for Wet or Dry Installation

Fluidmaster products including our mounting frames, concealed cisterns and flush activation plates can be used as part of a wet or dry installation.

As part of the wet installation, the mounting frame and cistern would be built into the wall (whether a new or existing wall) and cemented in place. When the cement has dried, the wall can be finished with plasterboard prior to the application of tiles and the installation of the toilet.

In the case of a dry installation the frame and cistern are secured to an existing wall and also to the floor. Once installed, the solution can be boxed in with plasterboard, which is also fixed securely to the metal mounting frame; creating the ideal surface for tiling and fitting the toilet.

Concealed Cisterns

Concealed cisterns are an important foundation for modern wall-hung toilet installations.

A toilet with a concealed cistern can be easily fitted into new construction projects and renovations of bathrooms or washroom facilities.

Incorporating the latest in flush technology to ensure seamless flushing and filling, our range of concealed cisterns offers the newest water saving valve technology.

To create the seamless look and finish, the cistern itself is hidden either within a stud wall or a purpose made unit; allowing for a contemporary, wall-hung toilet to take centre stage in the bathroom design.

The wide variety of cistern options ensures that all installation scenarios are catered for. Whether you’re working on a project with unusual layouts, or in a small space and require a compact version. Concealed cisterns optimise convenience, and a slim or compact cistern ensures great space saving potential in many kinds of locations.

To make specification simple, we offer a range of concealed and pre-assembled, easy fit cisterns which can be used across all installation circumstances.

Our popular compact, pre-assembled cistern is now supplied with a water-saving AirGap 6000 cistern fill valve, in addition to a high-performance, twist and release flush valve. The whole unit comes ready to install; with a unique snap and release mechanism for easy maintenance.

When selecting a concealed cistern consider:

– Dual flush valve options

– Fill valve options

– Quiet operation

– Minimum and maximum flushing quantities

– Width, depth, and height

– Activation plate (flush plate) options

– Connections and attachments supplied

– Compliant with Water Regulations

– Certifications and warranties

WC Mounting Frames

Wall-hung toilets require an in-wall frame to support their installation in both in wet or dry installation scenarios.

WC frames are the perfect choice for new constructions and renovations of bathrooms and washroom facilities where the wall hanging toilets will be specified.

It’s important to choose a frame which is compatible with the height, width, and weight of the toilet you’re installing. The frame also needs to accommodate the correct flush activation options (front flush activation or top flush activation at lower installation heights).

The best installation option for a wall hung WC mounting frame is into a stud wall. It can be accommodated into an existing stud wall, or a purpose built one for the project you’re working on.

It is possible to mount a WC frame into a solid wall, but bear in mind that there will need to be a space to locate the concealed cistern, either within a void, another room or purpose-built housing.

When selecting a WC mounting frame consider:

– High quality solid steel construction

– Adjustable height

– Adjustable depth

– Static load support

– Self-bearing construction

– Surface protection (coating)

– Connections and attachments supplied

– Compliant with Water Regulations

– Certifications and Warranties

Mounting Frame and Cistern Kits:

To simplify specification and installation you can opt for a support frame with pre-installed cistern which comes in kit form with all necessary connections and attachments.

All our Fluidmaster frames are available with a concealed cistern featuring single or multiple water connection options, a pre-installed stop valve for ease of fitting and a choice of top or frontal dual flushing. Powder coated frames feature pre-assembled wall brackets, adjustable feet, and pre-assembled cisterns, which minimise fitting time for quick installation.

Our T-Series, 189 and 187 models all come in kit form, to aid quick and simple specification: with a variety of sizes including standard, slim, and compact, ideal for all locations.

Flush Activation Plates & Touchless Flush Plates

To coordinate with your choice of sanitaryware and bathroom design choices, a wide selection of modern flush plates offers the perfect aesthetics for a contemporary toilet installation.

Styles range from a contemporary stainless-steel to modern matt black options, in a variety of shapes and sizes with front or top activation available.

We have seen soaring demand for our touchless flush plates which are ideal for enhanced cleanliness in high traffic washrooms. Fluidmaster touchless flush technology is available with our T1 Toilet Pack, U1, U3 and U5 Urinal Packs and Vortex Urinal Flush.

If you’d like to discuss your current specifications in greater detail, Specification Manager Adrian is happy to offer bespoke advice and product recommendations. Tel. 07391 865 666 or email: ahibbert@fluidmaster.com

To take part in Fluidmaster’s 20-minute free CPD on toilet and urinal specification visit: https://www.fluidmastercpd.com/