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How Does an Effective Fill Valve Reduce Water Consumption?

How to make water and C02 savings in a straight flush

With an average of four people in each household in the UK, each flushing the toilet cistern five times a day, the amount of water expended through toilet use is significant! Taking into account that the use of toilet systems in commercial buildings is even higher, it’s easy to see why substantial water conservation could be made through the use of more efficient, water saving flush valves. Beneficially, the amount of Co2 expended by pumping water from the mains could also be reduced through water saving measures put in place by installation of more economical fill valves.

Helping to address the interconnected issues of water saving and Co2 emissions from water pumping, our newly launched Airgap 6000 Series has been shown in independent tests to save up to 1 litre of water per flush. It’s the only adjustable cistern fill valve to completely eliminate backflow – as well as being the only height adjustable bottom inlet toilet cistern valve compliant with UK Water Fittings Regulations.

In fact, we’ve worked out that if every toilet in the UK was fitted with an Airgap delayed fill 6000 valve, enough water would be saved to meet the consumption needs of the entire population of Wales; including drinking, bathing, washing dishes and clothes, brushing teeth, car washing and more!

Of particular interest to those tasked with responsibility for installing, repairing or maintaining toilets in both public and private sectors, the new cistern fill valve has also been designed to deal with the developing issue of ‘blue water’.

Our flexible Airgap 6000 solution has been carefully engineered to fit virtually all cisterns, with quick and simple adjustment options making it an adaptable and valuable addition to the market. It’s also the only available adjustable solution which contains all the high-performance features for which our products are renowned, whilst simultaneously complying with BS1212-4 and all required water regulations.

Designed and manufactured working with water companies and test laboratories, our Airgap 6000 range has been specifically engineered to provide a complete and compliant solution, as the only height adjustable cistern fill valve which completely eliminates backflow.

As well as providing a much-needed solution to the issue of blue water, our team is also eager to share knowledge with the industry about this problem, to ensure awareness, compliance and prevent issues of water supply contamination.

Technical Director, Andrew Craig, said: “Our new Airgap 6000 is an important tool in solving the issues resulting from blue water backflow. We have a talented technical design team and our own dedicated testing facilities, which have enabled us to create this next generation product range, to help tackle the contamination issues which have previously arisen.

“In addition, the product is very much of interest to anyone who is in charge of specification, maintenance or repair of washrooms; ensuring ongoing compliance and protection of toilet systems and offering quick and easy installation and repair.”

Get your hands on an Airgap 6000, the only bottom-inlet toilet value you’ll need on your van from one of our trusted suppliers.