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Cutting Water Use in Commercial Washrooms

Top Tips for Washroom Water Saving Success

One of the biggest water users in a commercial setting is the washroom; more specifically the toilet. The good news is, that it’s possible to quickly and simply streamline your water budget, and make water-saving changes which can benefit the environment as well as your expenditure. 

Check out these five top tips for cutting water use in your office or workplace. 

  1. Beware of a Leaky Loo!

A trickle of water from the cistern into the toilet bowl is often referred to as a ‘leaky loo’ and can be caused by a faulty or damaged flush or fill valve. Wasting on average between 200-400 litres of water a day; it’s essential that leaky loos are spotted and repaired as soon as possible to avoid many thousands of litres of water waste.  

Ensure that your maintenance team check and service toilet cisterns regularly and essentially, replace any worn seals or valves, to keep your toilets running at optimum efficiency and avoid costly leakage. 

2. Use Signage to Maximise Dual Flush Savings

It’s well known that dual flush toilets can offer great water savings when used properly, giving users the option of a shorter flush when needed. But in some cases, users need a gentle reminder to opt for the smaller flush. 

Explaining how to use the dual flush and incorporating water saving signage within the washroom environment is a great way to encourage users to be mindful of how much water they are using and to cut down if possible. 

3. Consider Water Saving Tech When Upgrading Your Toilets

From water-saving cistern valves to touchless flushing technology, there are many new ways to save water when it comes to toilets and urinals. 

The latest advances in toilet tech, can save you water and money with each use. 

To start with, check out our AirGap 6000 fill valve. Offering extra water savings up to a litre of water with every single flush, the AirGap 6000 will fit virtually every toilet cistern on the market. 

When twinned with a maximum efficiency dual flush valve, you can improve the effectiveness of your cistern and ensure that your water use is at a minimum. 

4. Regular Maintenance is Essential

Just like any other piece of engineered equipment, to keep them running in an efficient and fully effective way, toilets and urinals benefit from regular ‘servicing’.

Make sure your maintenance team is carrying out simple steps like cleaning the inside of the toilet cistern and ensuring any ‘debris’ or build up are cleared, plus checking the functionality of valves and flushes. 

With regular upkeep your toilets and urinals can remain efficient and free from leaks.

5. Engage with your Community & Create a Water Saving Action Plan

Inspiring your whole business to think about the value of water and the opportunity to save it is a wonderful way to engage and galvanise action on water saving.   

When staff and business users are involved with the idea of finding new ways to save water, excellent reductions can be made. 

Some water-saving engagement ideas to try: 

  • -Elect a ‘Water Saving Committee’
  • -Carry out a ‘Water Use Audit’
  • -Promote water saving through use of eye-catching signs and newsletters
  • -Put water reduction targets in place
  • -Keep your staff updated on progress / initiatives 
  • -Arrange events or fundraisers based on the subject of water saving and its benefits to the environment and sustainability

By upgrading or repairing your toilets, flushes or cisterns, you can ensure that your water management solutions remain compliant, economical and as effective as possible; saving money and water. If you would like to update or repair your toilet or washroom facilities but don’t have time to research all the options, then the Fluidmaster team is here to help.

For all your washroom and toilet installations and repairs, Fluidmaster offers the market-leading, full selection of high-quality toilet and water management products. Our product range can help to save £s on your metered water bills, whilst ensuring that your establishment is future proof and critically, help to reduce your water-use carbon footprint. 

From simple toilet repairs to full washroom refurbishments incorporating the latest in toilet installation tech, our products adhere to relevant UK plumbing standards and requirements and come with market-leading warranties for peace of mind. 

Whether you have a small office or a large, multi-site operation, we look forward to offering the best help and advice to keep your toilets and washrooms functioning to their optimum.