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Easy Fit Ultra Syphon - Installation

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For help with your Easy Fit Ultra Syphon or any other technical queries, please call 01432 35 73 31.

You can also contact us using the form below. Common questions and answers can be found within our FAQ section on this page.


PDF instructions can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Easy Fit Ultra Syphon a dual flush valve?

Yes! The Easy Fit Ultra Syphon has the same dual flush functionality as modern “drop” valves.

  • Firmly depress and release the button to activate a full flush
  • Depress and hold the button to activate a partial flush.

Do I need to push the button harder than I did with my old valve?

Whilst the Easy Fit Ultra Syphon does not require more force to activate than modern drop valves, it may feel different. This is due to the type of activation. However, lifting the bell housing up (remembering to adjust the water level and button if needed) can help reduce the force required to activate the syphon.

Is this product suitable for high and low level toilets?

The Easy Fit Ultra Syphon is compatible with close-coupled exposed ceramic cisterns only and is not suitable for use with high or low level systems.

I raised the water line during installation, am I flushing more water?

Raising the water line may be needed if the bell housing position was raised during installation. As long as the water line sits 100mm below the top of the syphon mechanism as shown in the installation guide, you will not be flushing a larger amount of water.


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