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Introducing: The Fluidmaster Easy Fit Ultra Syphon

Top button activated, dual flush and leak free.

Designed to work with modern, button activated toilets, the Easy Fit Ultra Syphon combines the leak free benefits of a syphon with modern activation methods. A 10 year warranty offers a fit and forget solution to toilet leakage, without removing your toilets cistern!

Syphon Technology For Modern WCs

The Fluidmaster Easy Fit Ultra Syphon offers leak free flushing suitable for top button cisterns

Leak free flushing – Syphons offer a leak free flush, compared to modern “drop valves”

Keep the cistern on – The quick fit adapter nut allows for installation into existing ceramics, without removing the cistern.

Suitable for modern cisterns – The Easy Fit Ultra Syphon is suitable for use with top activated close coupled cisterns

Water saving dual flush – Partial and full flush activation

Easy Installation
Top Button Activated
Proven Technology
Dual Flush Functionality
  1. Easy Installation
  2. Top Button Activated
  3. Proven Technology
  4. Dual Flush Functionality

The Leaky Loo Problem

Why is my loo leaking?

Leaking WCs in the UK contribute as much as 400 Million litres of water wasted daily. One of the leading contributors to this leakage is the modern “drop-valve”. This technology lifts a seal to empty water into the pan. If this seal becomes degraded or obstructed, a potentially unnoticed  stream of water can leak into the toilet bowl.

How does The Fluidmaster Easy Fit Ultra Syphon fix the leaky loo problem?

Syphon technology offers a leak free flushing solution, but these types of valves have traditionally been activated by a front mounted lever. Because of this, changing leaking valves for a leak free alternative has been difficult, time consuming and in some cases impossible.


How To Identify A Leaky Loo

If your toilets flush valve is constantly leaking water, you could be wasting water equivalent to flushing as many as 50 to 100 times every single day, adding hundreds of pounds yearly on your water bill.

You may have a Leaky Loo if:

  • You see water trickling or flowing into your toilet bowl
  • You notice limescale staining in your toilet bowl
  • You hear trickling water or can hear your cistern continually refilling

To test for leaks, take some clean, dry toilet paper and use it to dry the back of the toilet pan thoroughly. Leave the toilet for 30-60 minutes without flushing. On returning, use some more toilet paper to wipe the back of the toilet pan.

If the back of the toilet pan has become wet without flushing, then there is water leaking from the cistern into the pan.

Many water companies offer FREE leaky loo strips, which are a simple way to test for leaks.

400M litres
110 litres
2050 PCC Target
14 Billion
Daily Litres Used

Fluidmaster Easy Fit Ultra Syphon


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